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In the trenches of my daughter’s infancy, I dreamed about the independence of kindergarten.  Fast forward five years later, kindergarten snuck up on me. I began having nightmares about her being lost in the classroom, middle school, mean girls and more mean girls.  Terrified, anxious, and unsure were words that described my emotional state.  You can read about it here.

Luckily, there is a happy ending to this story, my daughter loves kindergarten.  This Thanksgiving I am thankful for her amazing kindergarten teacher who eased my worries .  Please check out my “Thank You Note” to her over on the Huffington Post.


3 thoughts on “THANK YOU TEACHER

  1. This is wonderful, Justine. I especially like the part about Sam’s teacher hearing and seeing her. Wow..

    I’ll miss you all at TG. I gather it’s going to be a pretty big group. I want to come see you all early in the new year.

    Say hi to Josh, and the girls and Jamie!!!

    xoxoxo nan

  2. First off, this post was absolutely beautiful! I have a little girl (3 years) and reading your post made me weep. What a great tribute to all the wonderful teachers out there, and a little hope to every soon to be momma of a kindergardener’s heart!

    Second, congrats!!!!! The Huff post–YEAH!!!

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