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I’m Scared

I’m scared. I’m scared by what I read in the news. I’m scared by the deception. I’m scared for our planet. I’m scared for immigrants. I’m scared for the press. I’m scared for my children’s education and future. I’m scared for the poor. I’m scared for women. I’m scared because in 2016, my husband got diagnosed with a nasty and expensive pre-existing condition.

I’m scared and I feel a bit helpless as a stay-at-home mother in Denver. I write letters to congressman and call their offices, but I don’t feel heard.

I have friends who are moderate republicans. Those friends love their children like me and want them to have quality education, healthcare, and live in a clean environment. They believe in science. They are against racism. I believe moderate republicans must exist in this congress and disagree with the extremism of the Trump administration.

I woke up feeling helpless and wrote a letter to implore moderate republicans to take action on behalf of our country. Country should be placed before party. We are not as divided as it feels.

I published my letter on the Huffington Post, hoping that the website may be the best venue to have my voice heard, though it is probably buried amongst a million other blog posts, unless it is read and shared. I ask you to read it, share it, and raise your voices with me if you feel inspired.

My voice is small, but I will fight hard to make this world better for my children.


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